What Constitutes A Spectrum?

 The grey scale is likely the simplest example of a spectrum. Between the extremes of black and white, the grey spectrum slowly fades from a glaring white to the deepest black. 

 Many spectra are invisible to the eye or senses. They can remain partially or completely unknown until discovered through accident or scientific study. For example, the full spectrum of radio waves was, at one time, completely unknown. Their discovery made possible such technical advances as radios, cell phones and satellite communications. 

 It is interesting to understand that only a small portion of a spectrum is often useful in our day to day activities. For example a thermometer, used for taking body temperature, only measures a small portion of the broader heat – cold spectrum. But to measure the temperature of molten steel, it requires an entirely different thermometer scale.

  So, what does all of this have to do with the Political Spectrum?

 During the research that resulted in The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement it was discovered that the current political spectrum represented only a small portion of a much wider spectrum. The extreme ends of the current spectrum are communism on the left and fascism on the right. For instance, where would a government, based on Freedom and individual rights, fall on this scale? Certainly not between these two oppressive systems. 

 Just as a body thermometer measures only a small scale of the cold-heat spectrum, the current political “thermometer” was found to include only a small portion of the entire political spectrum. What had not been recognized were the two extremes that made up the full political spectrum.

 I didn’t “create” the political spectrum you will find within the pages of this book. Just like a rainbow, it only became completely visible under exact conditions. But once it became visible, it was something to behold. Just like when a child sees the rainbow for the first time, it was exciting and inspiring. 

 I soon realized however that very few people were looking at it. And I have to warn you, if you come with fixed ideas about your favorite system, you may not get the full benefit of understanding the political spectrum. There just might be something to learn here. But learning is often barriered by the notion that one already knows it all. 

And so this book was written to share this discovery.

 One acknowledgement of its validity came with a first place gold award from a publishing company’s writers contest. The judges had this to say:

 “Before you step into any conversation about politics on a national or global level, you must first know the facts.  David R. Young’s The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement is a unique book that delivers the information one needs to understand the left, the right and every party in between.”  ~eLit Electronic Book Awards

 Reader reviews on Amazon also acknowledged the increased clarity into the world of politics seen through the prism of this vital information.

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