Fake News Is All The Buzz

Fake NewsHow does the Press which supports a free society handle the news? What are their chief concerns and objectives?

How does the Press in a communist society handle the news? What are their chief concerns?

If you were trying to destroy a free society… how could you use the Press to assist you?

A failure to understand the importance of the Press to maintain a free society or how it is used to create and maintain an enslaved society puts you in a precarious situation. How do you know what to believe? How do you know what is fake news and what is vital news?

If you wish to maintain your freedom, you should understand how it can be destroyed. Read The Political Spectrum, Freedom vs. Enslavement. 

Then you can do something about it.

Jump Ship or Take Control?

The most insidious tool used by the Leftist (the communists & socialists), is infiltration. The Democratic Party was the first of our political parties to fall to this method of subversion. The brightest democrats who disagreed with the leftist agenda fled the party and became republicans. Many became independents.

One particular jump-ship democrat is now hailed as the greatest republican presidents of our time, Ronald Regan.

2 Most important - ReaganIf you go back and listen to Regan speeches, you will find one common message throughout his political reign: communism and socialism were the greatest threat to the United States. It was a very constant and succinct message and the Left considered him one of their most dangerous opponents.

Today the Republican Party faces the same dangerous scenario. How do (more…)

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