The “Freedom” Trap

It’s idiotic to strive for freedom when it isn’t really a goal to be achieved.

A Thirst For FreedomSure, if you’re a slave, freedom is something you may thirst for. But if a slave is freed today, what is he tomorrow? Well, you could say he’s a free man and is now in a state of freedom. But at that moment his freedom likely just put him in immediate danger. Being free doesn’t guarantee a person’s survival. How will he eat? Where will he go? He is now starting from a point of nothing.

Being free gives him a choice. But more importantly and more accurately, it requires that he increase his responsibility. He must take control of his own life.

But, what comes first — Freedom or responsibility? (more…)

Whose a leftist?

I have friends on the Left who are decent people. They aren’t really leftists, just misguided politically.

Their only real liability is that they are unable to tell a lying sack of shit from a person who is actually trying to defend their liberty.


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