Constitutional Rights

How to protect them?

By David R. Young, Author of THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement


The Bill of Rights, also known as the first 10 amendments to our constitution, was created to restrict Government from infringing upon your basic freedoms. A facsimile and transcript of the Bill of Rights can be found at this link: Bill of Rights

The American way of life, as laid down in the Declaration of Independents, is guarded by the Bill of Rights. Do you know it? Do you understand it? 

The question is: Who is supposed to uphold this document and protect our rights?  The answer, of course, is our government. However, since we have a government of the people, by the people and for the people, the real answer is you.

At the instant the Founding Fathers signed the Bill of Rights, nothing changed in America. It still consisted of thirteen independent and sovereign States. Slavery was in full swing. Distrust and concern existed over the idea of a central government – why not let the States continue under their own control – what was to prevent the new central government from becoming as oppressive as England had been?

One thing did change however amongst the men who signed the Bill of Rights; disagreements became agreements.

The ideals laid down in the Bill of Rights formed a resolute agreement for a dream – a goal toward which the United States could strive. Did we have a Republic at that moment? No.  Have we ever had a true Republic that embraced equal rights and freedom for all men?  No. We have only had the idea of a Republic where every man could live in freedom and pursue his happiness. And we have had and have many distractions to achieving that Dream. 

If there is one thing Man is not very good at it is bringing a dream to reality. Over our existence as a nation we have made steps toward and away from the dream of a Republic. When it has moved forward, it did so as an idea in the minds of men. When it has faltered, the idea had been diluted or perverted.  

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