Left Wing

Communism and Fascism

The Left Wing of the Political Spectrum

By David R. Young

The current European Political Spectrum correctly positions Communism as the left wing of the spectrum. But it makes a grave error in placing Fascism on the extreme right. The truth is both are oppressive “left wing” political systems.

The uncomfortable truth, by actual historic research shows the only thing which lies between Communism and Fascism is bloody revolution where the last hopes and dreams of freedom are pummeled to dust and blood flows through the streets from the last good men and women of that society.

Because Fascism provides a bit more freedom to its citizens than communism it correctly lies to the right of communism on the political spectrum. But it is not the extreme right of the spectrum. That position belongs to the government which provides maximum freedom while maintaining order in which people can live, be free and pursue happiness.

A government of, by and for the people was a new concept and obviously not taken seriously by the European ruling class.  Left wing politicians considered our republic dangerous, unworkable and frankly, contemptible. The far left are in fact enemies of common freedom.

Communism maintains oppressive, even slavish control over its populace. It promised a utopia for the worker, a place where everyone would own an equal share of everything. Instead it enforced a monopolistic government (a single political party having exclusive control over all means of production and sales of commodities and services of its country, including workers). It enforces “sameness” and “equality” through government “handouts” while prohibiting any ownership or reward for creative or hard work. In other words, one’s life and fortune is controlled by another, which is the legal definition of slavery. 

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson

 America provided a unique problem to the political left wing. In the late 1800s, Communist Leaders realized their “workers” revolutionary tactics, as used against Fascist States, were ineffective in a free society. “Workers” had no reason to rise up against a government which protected and guaranteed their freedom and right to pursue their own fortune?  And thus was born the “progressive” communist party. This new left wing party adopted a progressive “peaceful” system of reducing a free society to communism. There most important tool: deceit – lies and secrecy. If the truth of their intentions are revealed, they are rejected by decent people and become ineffective. Lies and secrecy are the key to their success.

The expanded Political Spectrum as detailed in the new book The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement, illustrates the manner in which a free society, under attack by the left, is taken from a Republic toward communism.

There is a path from Freedom to enslavement. It is the path America is on. It is undeniable if one has the courage to look.

Fortunately the path goes both ways. But one must know there is a path and what lies at each end of the spectrum.

The urge for freedom will never die in man. It is relentless. Only a small minority despise it. Unless freedom loving people acknowledge the existence of both ends of the political spectrum and learn about the activities and tactics of the Left wing, it is not likely freedom will win this struggle without bloodshed and havoc.

So you have to ask an important question: Is your freedom worth the effort of educating yourself? 

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