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“The REAL Political Spectrum.

The Book That Finally Exposes the LIES

which are Being Used to

Destroy  America.”

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US Flag 3All through life, we have heard about the Left and Right of political thinking.US Flag 4

*We have been hammered with confusing issues regarding Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives.

*BOTH sides claim the OTHER POLITICIANS are leading us to ruin, destroying the American way of life.

US Flag 5Neither side is correct! There is a LIE.US Flag 6

*We have been told this lie so often, by so many different sources, most Americans no longer know who or what to believe.

*And that has been the whole purpose; to subvert our freedoms from within, using a confusion so great, no one understands it or can take action!

Finally, one simple book uncovers the Big LIES

You will discover WHO’s been telling them and what the simple truth is.

If you love America and want to protect its way of life, then you must read this book.

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Reach for Freedom and grab your copy, now!




(Video Transcript)

(Interviewer)  We’re here with David Young. He’s the author of the brand new book The Political Spectrum.

What was your interest which started this whole thing?

(D.R. Young)   “Because I was confused about the political spectrum myself, and when I did the research on it, I looked and found nothing that answered by questions. I did more and more research on it and I got to the point where I was so excited about the information that I did discover – I was like – I need to write this in a book.

 I didn’t understand – when I heard on the radio and TV – you hear this political left, political right. It’s always being said that Fascism is on the right and communism is on the left.  Mussolini, Nazism, anything that is like totalitarianism is on the right, so if you go too far to the right you run into that. If you go too far left you run into communism.  So everything else seemed to go – fit straight in the middle.  That didn’t make any sense. What about things like freedom; Democracy, Libertarian, where do you put those? Do you put Libertarian right in the middle?

Then I looked at it from the view point of my independence – and as you go more and more left there was dependence. That’s fine. Let’s stretch that out further and it went from Freedom to Enslavement.  I took that scale and I placed every major political system on the scale – I said; okay, that works.  Once I did that, suddenly everything else fell into place.

I was ready to – “yo!  Look what I found!”   I had a 3’ x 4’ poster that I had scribbled all this stuff on, on my computer and I didn’t know what to do with it so I thought, maybe I’ll put it into a book.

The reason I wanted to do that was I felt the information was so important to the American people, especially right now, with our country constantly sliding more and more to the left, toward communism, toward enslavement, in that direction, toward the left. We’re not near communism, we’re sliding into socialism and that can be seen easily by anyone who looks.

In the book I took each political system and I defined each of those so when you read about a system; democracy, socialism, fascism, you can read it and go; yes I understand what those are now and you can even look at it and go; that’s where these would fit on the scale.

What was really fascinating to me, and why I really want people to read this is because, the Right deteriorates into fascism. The right, being people of freedom, people who want freedom, and you go, “how could that possibly be?” What happens is the Left are baiting and badgering the right and keep making them more and more angry about the stupid things they are saying and doing. They get more and more angry and they come down to a point where there’s a conflict – there’s no conflict at first between the right and left because the rights just like – what are you an idiot? I’m not interested in communism or socialism  But then as the left slowly drags them into those things the Right starts fighting it more and more.  It gets up to a point where it does sink into a fascism because its there last ditch effort to keep from sinking into communism. 

Greece, their socialism deteriorated and they go right into voting for Nazis, the exact same scale.

When I look at our society and I know that our country is the last free society, really maybe the first real free society, we can’t afford to lose it. And if we don’t do it right, our country slides into fascism, fighting the left. If we do it right, we move back toward freedom for everybody.  That’s the key thing for me.

(Interviewer) What reality, do you expect the person reading it, is going to get from your book?)

(D. R. Young)  They’re going to get an understanding of the political systems, they’re going to get an understanding of how they relate to each other, what happens to societies as political systems – the culture slides more and more toward the Left.  They’re going to be able to see what happens to education systems within each of these (political systems) societies. They’re going to be able to see what happens to the Press at these different points on the spectrum. The police – what is the role of police in a free society, what’s the role of police in fascism – what’s the role of “secret” police in communism.

Every aspect of the culture can be viewed against this scale of freedom to enslavement, and as things go down.

When people read this, they’re going to say, yes, I’ve seen that, I’ve seen that. But now when you put it all together on this scale of freedom to enslavement, you go; “Wow, that makes perfect sense! Now I understand it!  I saw it before, now I understand it and now I can do something about it!”

And doing something about it was the most important part, because when you don’t know or are confused, you can’t act. But when you do know – then you can act. “I see the problem, I can handle it.”

(Interviewer) Well, thank you very much!

(D.R. Young)    Yes, your welcome!


A note from the Author:

There are extreme differences between political systems found at opposite ends of the political spectrum. The most evident and important of these is individual freedom. Political systems on the right provide an atmosphere wherein the individual can determine what is important to his life and provides opportunity to act toward achieving those goals and purposes. Whether the goals or purposes are achieved is not the point. Life without a dream is a lifeless existence.

The political systems on the extreme left view mankind as a mass of gullible, unintelligent people who can and should be manipulated and deceived with lies. (Their view, not mine) The average person tends to trust and believe in the goodness of others. This is the trait which the far Left knowingly takes advantage of. The test of this is simple. If these same “gullible” and “unintelligent” people were simply told the truth by the left, the political left would be rejected. The major failure and downfall of the “masses” is their inability to see evil. And when I say evil, I simply mean being lead toward a situation which reduces the person’s survival and freedom of choice.

How does one keep from being fooled? Understand Freedom. Understand freedom requires responsibility for self, family and others, not just oneself. Irresponsible freedom resulting in crime or dependence reduces the freedoms of others.

Know the political spectrum, know the political systems.  Read The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement and you won’t get fooled again. 

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