Book Exposes Political Lies

US Flag 1Attention All Frustrated and Upset AmericansUS Flag 2

“The REAL Political Spectrum.

The Book That Finally Exposes the LIES

which are Being Used to

Destroy  America.”

(Scroll down and read along with video transcript below)

US Flag 3All through life, we have heard about the Left and Right of political thinking.US Flag 4

*We have been hammered with confusing issues regarding Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives.

*BOTH sides claim the OTHER POLITICIANS are leading us to ruin, destroying the American way of life.

US Flag 5Neither side is correct! There is a LIE.US Flag 6

*We have been told this lie so often, by so many different sources, most Americans no longer know who or what to believe.

*And that has been the whole purpose; to subvert our freedoms from within, using a confusion so great, no one understands it or can take action!

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