Senator’s Corner

This page is part of a project by the Author. He packaged and sent 100 books and a letters to each Senator on the 5th of Nov 2012. 

US Senators are invited and encouraged to enter their accomplishments in defending Constitutional Rights and Freedom along with comments about the book:  The Political Spectrum – Freedom vs Enslavement. 

This page will be read by freedom seeking people from all over the world. No jabs at fellow politicians, just facts and accomplishments that speak of your roll to better America for all of us. We look forward to hearing from you!

I would like to thank the following Senators for their letters of thanks and acknowledgement of the book:

Senator Michael Enzi, Wyoming  16 Nov 2012

Senator Carl Lavin, Michigan  16 Nov 2012

Senator Marco Rubio, Florida 19 Nov 2012

The late Senator Daniel Inouye, Hawaii  29 Nov 2012

Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, 5 Dec 2012

Senator Robert F. Wicker, Mississippi  10 Dec 2012

Senator Dan Coats, Indiana  13 Dec 2012


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