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“What you don’t know… can hurt you!”, August 15, 2012

“The gift of “The Political Spectrum” was to educate me in areas I was sure I knew! Turns out I wasn’t so smart after all. Young takes a step by step approach to educate us (well educated) readers about the ideologies whose names are so common their understanding is considered passe’. The more I read the more I realized I had never really known much about some of the political labels I felt very comfortable using. “Fascism” is a good example. To me, fascism was like pornography: hard to define but I knew it when I saw it. Now, I know what it is, where it came from and what its ideologies are. I’ve also learned why it’s important to know how to recognize it and where it really resides along the political spectrum.

“The Political Spectrum is a must-read in today’s world, especially as we are witnesses to great changes within our own country. It’s an easy read and easy to use as a political reference. If I have any complaint it’s that I wish Young had gone further into the uniquely American aspects of our republic. Oh… I am now completely clear on why we are a republic and not a pure democracy and… why that’s important.

” I’m looking forward to future editions to see how Mr. Young continues to develop his own thesis.”

J.G. Pinellas Park FL


“Naming something…, September 10, 2012

 ”I’ve read a lot of history. Not academically but with interest. It is common knowledge, not well appreciated, that the communists and their allies during the Cold War, redefined words so as to hide their covert social and political agendas. It is a testament to how well it worked that most Americans don’t even recognize that our country is in danger.

“Political Spectrum is extremely valuable for its simplicity. I wish I’d written it. It correctly names and defines the various political movements, but even more important, it explains their relationship to one another and the gradient from where this country started to where it is actually heading. Young is a modern day Thomas Paine. ”  R.S.


“This Book could inspire Oprah!”August 22, 2012

“Wow!   What an inspirational and informative book.   I finally understand the political jargon and the political left and right. I can think with what the different political systems are really doing and have been doing and most importantly what that has to do with our present and future freedoms.   I now know what to look for and what to watch out for and what to do to prevent our country from backsliding down to less and less freedom for us, the American Public.   Thank you.  It’s a great book!”    

GT  Phoenix, AZ


I Highly Recommend This Book”, July 12, 2012

“When I saw the advertisement for this book, it caught my attention because it was clearly an effort by the author to make a very confused subject understandable. I downloaded the kindle version and read the whole book in one sitting–it was THAT good! I am a married mother of four children with a full-time job. I have never taken part in any sort of politics or even voted. Now I’m getting registered so I can vote in the next election!

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