A Fading Culture – America’s Purpose

Every society forms with a commons basic purpose. Most fundamental among these is survival of the group and its culture. Whether a group of 5 people or millions, this basic fundamental applies. Politics would be the art of guiding people along the path of life toward that purpose to reach some not unknown goal. The goal must be clear, desirable and understood for the group or society to be successful and persist.

Every political system has a goal. A culture such as America was formed on its founding documents, specifically the Declaration of Independents. This unique document lays out the American Dream.

The dream is not, as bankers and realtors may tell you, “every man owning his own home”. That objective only becomes possible to the degree that the actual purpose is known, understood and brought into being. Otherwise something as simple as owning a home can become impossible.

The purpose of America is not to make everyone equal. People are different. They have different goals and talents. Intelligence, aptitude and personality are different with each person. Some are artists; some are mechanics, caretakers, cooks, drivers, etc. etc. So what do they hold in common?  They are individuals. They often have a family. They usually belong to one or more groups and each is a part of mankind. Most people want freedom and independence. However, some are incapable of taking advantage of these and depend upon other people for their survival.  Children and disabled people can always find a helping hand in the community.

Our government system was designed to advance and support this dream for the American people. This design is laid out in the Construction and Bill of Rights.

The Declaration of Independence proposes a general and broad purpose upon which most people can agree. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion – in fact, Freedom is the basic agreement with the single restriction to each American to not use one’s own freedom to restrict the basic rights and freedoms of his fellow American.

These basic tenets are broad enough to allow and even promote a very broad cultural scene. The diversity of America is only possible under the broad purposes laid down by the Declaration of Independence.

In life there at two motives: Creation and Destruction. The majority of people in a society are creative or constructive resulting in a productive society or culture. A very small minority are destructive in various ways. It is an insanity that we live with at this time. The destructive person, feeling his very survival depends on the destruction of others, can often be found behind the scene quietly working to destroy anything of value.  For the good of all they would destroy everything decent and constructive.

Because they are so few, the destructively inclined work closely with each other, but hidden within other groups. They call themselves by other names to make themselves seem much larger than they are. In America, who are these people?

They are the communists. They operate under the name of Progressives. They are referred to by the Right as Liberals and are entrenched in the Democratic Party and working their way into the Republican Party.  They operate through these larger groups and push the buttons of society which make those within the larger group turn upon each other.

What evidence exists to prove this? Plenty, if you have the nerve and fortitude to look. And look you should.  Your life and future depend upon it.

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