Between Communism and Fascism on the Political Spectrum

Have you been stuck “between a rock and a hard place”?

By David R. Young, author of THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement

The current Political Spectrum places Communism on the extreme political left and Fascism on the extreme political right. Both are oppressive political systems which no sane person would wish for or tolerate as a form of government. 

At the “center”, between these two forms of tyranny, are said to exist the “neutral” or “undecided” people, referred to as “Centrists”. Those considered slightly left or right of center are considered moderates and those with stronger views are considered more radical or extreme, with the idea that one is becoming more communistic or fascist.  That is what you are expected to believe is the political spectrum. 

With only these two extreme choices,

it’s no wonder many people call themselves centrists or moderates.

How is it these two political systems became our only choices? What depraved political philosopher came up with this terrifically unworkable spectrum? And why is it that the brightest Pundits of the day accept this premise as truth?

Where does Democracy fit on this current scale? Where do you find a Democratic Republic on this spectrum?

The uncomfortable truth, by actual historic observation, shows the only thing which lies between Communism and Fascism is bloody revolution where the last hopes and dreams of freedom are pummeled to dust and blood flows through the streets from the last good men and women of that society.

Ask the East German what it was like when fascism crumbled and communism took hold? Ask Cubans how much freedom existed after communist leader Fidel Castro led his revolution against fascist dictator Fulgencio Batista, which started the fearful exodus to American shores in anything that could be kept afloat.

Like slaves, who’s only choice is to continue being a slave or risk escape to freedom with almost certain death, or torture if caught, oppressed people escape these counties, leaving their families and friends to search out a life where freedom exists.

Are we so blind in America that we do not see the most valuable thing which defines America – the wholly grail of the oppressed and enslaved – freedom? “Freedom”, is a word spoken daily around the world by oppressed people.

Who represents freedom to the oppressed people of the world? Where do people search it out?

The political spectrum is not a scale between two oppressive political systems, but spans a very wide spectrum between enslavement and freedom. By expanding the spectrum further to the right toward freedom, the new political spectrum now includes a position for Democracy which attempts to bring equality, and a Republic which guarantees the natural freedoms and rights of each individual.


The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement, is a vital book which unravels the false information which attempt to pigeon hole Americans between two oppressive political system with the intention of stifling any attempt to regain freedom by calling it fascism. This book educates.

Unless you understand the information as discovered and organized in this book – no matter what strides America makes toward freedom, they will be only temporary. Because the forces that move America away from freedom can only be opposed by understanding and recognizing who they are, what they want and how they operate.

Understanding the expanded Political Spectrum is the first step toward the salvation and stability of freedom in our country. Learn it well. Then show it to a friend. One by one, people can be brought to an understanding that will protect them from being fooled into giving up their freedoms.

It has been said that knowledge is a weapon. It is also a shield. Use it. 

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