Communism, the Voldemort of the Political World

By David R. Young

 “Communist” – “Communism”.  There, I said them!

Are these words the Voldemort of the political world? You would think so. As reported by Fox News Morning show this week, Tim Allen’s character (on the Comedy show Last Man Standing) tries to persuade his daughter not to vote for Obama. According to Fox News, Allen was forbidden to say “Obama is a communist” as one of his reasons. Since when has “communism” and being called a communist become worthy of being censored? And why?

In a recent random survey asking: “What would you think of a person if he were to tell you Communism was responsible for the downfall of America?” 100% responded negatively; “would laugh in his face” or “consider that person unreliable or out of touch.” Most of those surveyed felt communism did not exist anymore and 10% felt there was nothing wrong with communism. Really?

Recently, Congressman, Rep. Allen West, of Florida, made the statement that 79 – 81 members of the US legislature are card carrying Marxists. As covered in the NY Daily News in April of this year:

‘West’s office said Wednesday that the congressman stood by the comments and was referring to the 76 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest group within the House Democratic caucus.

“The Communist Party has publicly referred to the Progressive Caucus as its allies,” said Angela Melvin, a spokeswoman for West.

So what happens when the words “communism” and “communist” are uttered in the political world? Do reporters say, “Really? Perhaps we should look into this and see if there is any truth.”?  Predictably, West is attacked and belittled for having stated what is very likely the truth. But no, the standard reply from the Press is, “Everybody knows” it’s a lie or just ranting’s of a “mad man” like Joe McCarthy.

           Joe McCarthy was the best thing that ever happened to the American Communist Party. Any politician calling a communist a communist is unfailing responded to as being “just like Joe McCarthy”. Since no one wants to be positioned with McCarthy, no one speaks out.

           The influences of communism on our present day culture are illustrated very clearly in the new book, The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement. West may have said the forbidden words, but does that make him paranoid or out of touch? Perhaps. Doesn’t he know you must never utter those words in public, near the ears of the Press? But West is not one to shy away from truth just to appease.

           This isn’t to suggest we should suddenly be afraid of our communist comrades here in America. As poignantly indicated in The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement, knowing communism is alive and well – knowing their tactics,  and more importantly understanding that secrecy is their most vital tool for any possible success, it is no wonder anyone mentioning communism in the political world comes under immediate attack in order to silence them.

           Communists in America are only effective because of secrecy. They must hide their intentions and sugarcoat their brand of political policy with lies; otherwise no one would take them seriously at all and their agenda could not go “forward”.

           Other than their secret agenda to degrade our society, communists are not the major threat to America’s future. The real threat is Americans being too ignorant to understand and thus deserve the freedoms they inherited from the founding fathers.

As understanding of the American-dream slowly fades from the minds of Americans, generation after generation, so fades the Republic which so many have fought and died for. The majority of the world’s populace human open their arms and hearts to the freedoms promised by our Constitutional Republic. Likewise, people who actually experience the oppression of communism risk their lives to escape such enslavement. It seems very silly or even sinister that no one must speak the names or point out the obvious about communists and communism. Don’t be afraid of the truth. Only their lies can actually harm you.

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