Criminal Politicians vs. Political Crime

How would you feel if Politicians started ending up in jail for taking actions which violate your Constitutional rights?

By D.R. Young,  author of The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement

How is it that your rights can be violated with no consequence to the offending politician or government agent?

Jail PoliticiansThere are two reason why a politician might end up in jail.  The overwhelming majority of those who have, committed crimes in their private life; drugs, prostitution, tax evasion , etc. These are criminal acts which any U.S. citizen could be prosecuted for.

The other way a politician could find himself in jail is for committing a political crime; or can he?  Political Crime is a term you may not be familiar with. According to the National Criminal Reference Service;

The political criminal is defined as an individual who, motivated by his conviction, commits an unlawful act designed to attack the social structure to bring about a reorganization of the system.

Lets see that againcommits an unlawful act designed to attack the social structure to bring about a reorganization of the system.

All politicians arrested and convicted in the US have committed crimes which are typical of any other criminal in our justice system. A search for actual political criminal activity discovers an area of law which seems to be completely ignored by our justice system. It is an area of growing concern which some have started to question. (Before Its     Constitutional Rights Foundation)

There is a difference between Freedom of Speech and actions which violate political law laid down by The Constitution. Any attempt to obfuscate the matter is simply an attempt to hide, cover up or justify political crime. U.S. law is based on actions, not speech, ideas or thoughts. Say what you will — but if you take action to infringe upon the the political system which protects our rights the consequence should be a charge of committing a political crime.

The Constitution laid down the laws regarding the role of government and designated where it’s powers lay. The Bill of Rights laid down basic law forbidding government infringement upon the rights of the individual. Any President violating constitutional law by usurping the powers of Congress or Judicial Branches, because of his convictions, is committing a political crime. It should be recognized and acted upon.

Bypassing Congress

An Example of Political Crime

Any politician who takes actions which violates Constitution law and and Bill of Rights is committing a political crime. This would most importantly extend to the Judicial Branch and that last line of defense against such criminal actions, the U.S. Supreme Court. Failure to hold this branch fully responsible for any such form of political crime would be the worse possible criminal omission.

Isn’t it about time that political crime be considered by the People? Failures to enforce constitutional law and curb political criminal activity is a glaring and destructive omission resulting in the corruption and deteriorating state of our treasured political system designed to maintain a free society.

Political Criminal — an individual who, motivated by his conviction, commits an unlawful act designed to attack the social structure to bring about a reorganization of the system. Political actions which violate the constitution are unlawful. And so fit under the definition of a political crime .

Bring this to the attention of you legislators. Bring it to the attention of your fellow Americans.

Only by prosecuting and convicting our politicians of political crimes will we be able to restore integrity back into the American political system.  Act!


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  1. Larry Trainor says:

    Interesting article. The problem is the majority of people in this country have been educated in a system that fails to teach people the basics of what would be a crime against against a constitution form of government.

  2. Delighted to connect up with another concerned thinker.
    Let’s work out how we can add power to each other’s voice. I fear we have a little over a year to turn a bad political situation around. It will happen only if all men of good will work together.

    Let me know how I can help you.

    Lynn AKA Grandma Thunder.

    • author says:

      Hello Lynn,

      I appreciate your comment. After looking at various ways to improve our political scene, the one that I concluded was the most valid is to educate people. So I work to bring the ideas and concepts envisioned by our founding fathers to people. Only when people are educated are they able think for themselves.

      I don’t know that we can undo fast enough what has been done. But I continue to do what I can do to change it, without anger, but with urgency.

      Please share my articles with people. Promote my book so people can actually understand politics and the various political systems.

      All of the money (and more) that I make on the book, goes back into promoting it. It’s the only way I can see to get the data to people.

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