Democracy vs. Republic – What the heck are we?

In the new book, THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: FREEDOM VS ENSLAVEMENT, the fact that we are not a Democracy is made abundantly clear. Redefining a Republic by calling it a Democracy opens the door to reinterpretation of what our county stands for.

What’s the difference between a Democracy and a Republic? How is it we call ourselves a Democracy? Why is a Democracy so less desirable as a government system than a Republic? These answers are laid out in THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM.

The following article written by Edwin Dearborn, presents basic concepts from each political system allowing you to clearly see this difference.  Additionally, the attached video clearly illustrates the differences.

Your understanding of these two systems is a small yet vital part of what all Americans must know. When you know the truth, no one can take it away from you; no one can lie to you. Enjoy the article and the video!


Democracy: A Deviation of Our Forefather’s Vision


Republic vs Democracy

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