distractions, Distractions, more DISTRACTIONS!


What you see in the White house is not a Leader but a “Distractor”.

Cries for leadership continue, but no leadership exists from the President and there will be none. Even Rush Limbaugh, as brilliant as he is, gives Obama more credit than he deserves for what he “gets done” in the White House. If you haven’t noticed, Obama is not the leader of this Administration, his roll is Chief Distractor. “All attention on ME.”

 “Campaigner in Chief”, close. Distractor in Chief, bingo.

As long as all eyes are on Obama (and he stays distant enough from the despicable activates of this Administration to avoid any “responsibility”) there will be no progress to contain or stop the damage that has and will be done by this group.

The Sequester is just a distraction. The Fiscal Cliff was just a Distraction. The main stream media’s role is to hype the DISTRACTIONS. And none of what you see in the press actually matters. None of it. It’s the age old trick of attracting attention “over there” so no one notices what’s going on “here”. Its used in magic and its used in war. 

The real question is, while Obama is out playing golf (and our attention is put on that), who is leading?  Who is calling the shots in the WH? What unelected person is wearing the hat of “Leader”?  Who is running our government while the Distraction in Chief is out blaming (putting all of the attention on) Republicans for all of the doom and gloom his administration is concocting? (Perhaps he could be called the “Attention Director in Chief”.)

Want to bet the people running the show in this administration would rather have a hammer and sickle for a shoulder patch than old glory?  

Start with the obvious; who is the Chief of Staff of the White House? Do you know?  (I didn’t until I got to this point of the blog and looked him up.) Here’s a snippet from Whitehouse.gov about the new Chief of Staff: “he was a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.” In other words, he is a senior progressive communist. A Marxist Progressive Communist. Point made. 

Perhaps we should take our attention off the bouncing ball, stop singing the Obama song and look at what’s going on behind the thin veneer of Obama. 



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