A Stand for Freedom

By David R. Young as published on TheBrennerBrief.com  

We have all drawn a line in the sand. I can tell you exactly where the enemies of freedom crossed the line for me — when they called my ideals of freedom and individual responsibility “fascist.”

A couple years ago, I was not actively involved in politics. Like many in America, I despised what government was doing and was tired of the obvious onslaught of political lies which spewed from my TV. I had “more important” matters: I was responsible for providing for my family while planning for when my wife and I would no longer be around for our autistic son. We wanted to maker sure he would never fall into some government sponsored welfare program that would shuffle him about like some useless piece of meat, never recognizing the brilliant, yet brain injured person we had come to know and love.

Meanwhile thousands of others had already decided to take a stand against political corruption, progressive communism and the shear idiocy that exists as a mockery of what the founding fathers had envisioned. They spoke their message of freedom and individual responsibility, and I couldn’t help but hear them.

Harry Reid giving the fingerWe have all drawn a line in the sand. We can show tolerance for nonsense and irresponsibility up to a certain point. But cross that line and the gloves come off and the culprit learns a lesson about life. I can tell you exactly where the enemies of freedom crossed the line for me — when they called my ideals of freedom and individual responsibility “fascist.” Did I scream and yell? Nope. I dug in to find out something about these people who thought freedom, productivity and personal responsibility was an act of tyranny while  lording over their little domains like mini tyrants. Who were these people?

I did my homework.  I knew it wasn’t just a matter of  listening to someone else’s complaints or considerations about these people, I wanted to know for myself. I quickly realized my own government sponsored education had severely let me down. It had barely touched on the subject of fascism, tyranny or even the form of government that existed here in America we are all so proud of — but right now, few seem to be proud of how our government is conducting itself, except for perhaps those in government.

The journey to understanding was quite difficult. The path was lined with lies and booby traps, set by those whose very survival depended on their identities and intentions remaining hidden from view. The first trap I discovered was the “traditional” political spectrum. Here was a dichotomy of communism vs. fascism. Not knowing much about either, I dug in and studied each, all the while wondering how anyone could confuse acts to defend our own constitution as fascistic. To my surprise, I did find a common denominator between fascism and our constitution: both rejected the entire concept of communism and socialism, but where fascism waged a deadly war and itself became tyrannical, our constitution entrusted this rejection to the good sense of its citizens, maintaining maximum freedom for everyone.

But another stunning revelation became evident. There was something glaringly missing from the political spectrum. And this is where the sinister nature of the “traditional” political spectrum became evident. Here were two major political systems, communism and fascism, both tyrannical, placed as the extremes of man’s politics. What remained  for the common, decent man was a middle, neutral ground.  If he stayed uninvolved he would be considered “normal”. What kind of nonsense was that? Where was freedom on this spectrum? Where was our constitutional republic?

What a vicious lie to make men think they had only two choices: communism on the left and fascism on the right, leaving only a neutral middle ground where decent men became more and more disconnected from politics, reduced to living their lives in a political world gone mad, while being herded year by year toward the slaughter houses of one or the other of these two objectionable political philosophies.

Those who busted out of this insanely irrational “neutral” ground and found their way back to the lofty concepts of freedom as laid down in the United States Constitution, found themselves being labeled kooks, fear mongers and worse. But from their vantage they see out over a country where a battle wages for the mind, heart and soul of the American people. They yell out for Freedom. They are a minority of the population. But each cry gets the attention of another person trapped in the “land of the neutral”. These still lost souls  look up, look around and they too begin to wonder if there isn’t something they can do about it. They hear the cries for freedom, and they begin to listen.

One by one, the message is being received. Freedom is real. It’s ours. We don’t have to accept the lies, the corruption and the chains.

Keep communicating freedom fighters, keep communicating.

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