Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech – The Roll of the Press in a Free Society
By David R. Young, author of “THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement”

What is the roll of the Press in a free society where citizens control government?

What changes occur in the roll of the Press as government becomes more oppressive?

First, lets take a look at this in context to a local newspaper and government. The lowest level of government is your city, township or county. This body of elected officials meet, on your behalf, to discuss and pass laws on local issues.

Do you know what your local government is doing? Do you keep up with issues being discussed and ensure your voice is heard if necessary. Do you know what new laws are being passed which may effect you? If you are like most people you don’t. You probably have no time to attend every council meeting that occurs. After all, isn’t that why you elected these people, to care for these things so you don’t have to?

As a citizen in this Republic, it is still your government and it’s your community that is affected by laws passed by these local bodies. So, if you can’t go to these meetings, how do you keep informed?

The Press has the responsibility to observe and report on the actions of your local government. They’re roll is the watch dog for Freedom and Individual Rights in a free society and that is why they are protected under the constitution. They work to keep YOU informed about your governments activities.

Extend that responsibility to State level government and then to Federal level and you see the responsibility the Press has to bear. It’s no small task.

When the Press fulfills its roll as a watch dog for freedom and individual rights it becomes a priceless force for freedom and will be avidly supported by their community. That is the key to prosperity for any newspaper.

So, what is our Press doing?

Understanding the power of the Press, it becomes an obvious target. Instead of small independent newspapers, the Press has become large conglomerates owned by vested interests and obtain most of their news from the same controlled sources. News papers, such as the New York Times have become obvious mouth pieces for government, and do not serve the citizens which support it. Is it any wonder newspapers are loosing customers?  They have strayed from the purpose that makes them valuable to us. Who wants to buy propaganda?

The Press has been slanted, drawn off its purpose. Worse, it tends to feed false or misleading information about government activities. The intention of those who control the Press is to redirect the course of the country, away from liberty and toward government dependence. These are the tools of communism. A secretive group who have covertly allied themselves with and operate under the guise of progressive liberalism.

The Press is a vital and valuable tool for a free society. As an American who supports freedom, find and support the Press who fulfills its purpose, and is doing its job to keep you informed of what government is actually doing. For the other papers, ignore them. And certainly do not subscribe to them. In other words, support the Newspapers who are being a watchdog for freedom and protecting your rights. Let the others fail.

That’s your right too.


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