INJUSTICE: Used To Create Anger And Hate.

By David R. Young, Author of THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement

If there is anything that gets tempers flaring and emotions burning, it is actions which are blatantly unjust. Most action movies get their emotional flare from a horrible injustice to the hero or heroine. Having been badly wronged, it’s time to kick butt. And we cheer when “justice” has finally been served. 

The overwhelming emotional response to injustice can be appreciated when looked at as the major factor that brings about war. 

Now, consider this: The Constitution is fundamentally a mechanism designed to resolve injustice. Each point of the Bill of Rights is intended to avert governmental injustice. When government actions become increasingly unjust government, with its force,  becomes oppressive. 

The ONLY reason America is in trouble is because of INJUSTICES – it is the fundamental cause of any country’s decay. Injustice result when our Constitution is NOT enforced – for ALL. This could be unfair application of law to a minority group, exemption of laws to the “connected wealthy” or even congress exempting themselves from the laws they write and pass for all Americans. 

Those who understand the Constitution recognize it as a means of providing justice for all. Those who openly or covertly attack the Constitution either feel it has failed to guarantee justice for them or they are intentionally trying to increase descent, turmoil or even revolt.

People not educated on the Constitution fail to understand it is their greatest guarantee that justice may some day become a reality. 

Our government’s purpose, at every level, is to provide Justice to every person regardless of their race, color, creed or religion.  And yet, anyone can look around today and see examples of injustice perpetrated or condoned by almost any branch of our government. Insistence should be on following our Constitution, not replacing it. 

What passes for political news on TV and radio are simply instances of injustices. These are always acts counter to the Constitution. 

There are two types of leaders; constructive and destructive.

A destructive leader uses injustices (real or fabricated) to fire up emotions of anger and hate. Such actions ALWAYS results in more injustice. Hate and anger are used to spread more hate and anger. And thus feuds, riots and wars are born. These are the tactics of political systems such as Fascism and Communism. 

A Constructive leader resolves Injustice with reason. He shuns hate and violence and works to improve conditions for as many people as possible. 

Is governmental injustice easy to resolve? No. But that’s the price we pay for Freedom. Fail to take action and support Justice and the Constitution and your freedom diminishes to that degree.

Politicians and other leaders who use instance of real injustice to stoke the flames of emotion and bring about further injustice are enemies to those they are purportedly helping. Recognize this and expose them by speaking out against their methods. Never support a leader who consistently uses fear and anger to incite people to act unjustly.

It is the duty of every American, not to attack government but to communicate with it.  Correcting government begins at the local level where you have a voice. 

Remember this the next time to take this pledge: “…Freedom and Justice for All.”

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  1. Deborah jones says:

    Concepts of justice are root in homes in the discipline of our children. Adults creating broken disfunctional environments for children;and making excuses for the behavior of family greatly contribute to social and legal behaviors as a whole; If we can’t put religion in place we need some moral structure education for early family life for children. No longer ignoring unacceptable behavior due to work schedules, day care and lack of family time as a whole

  2. Deborah Jones says:

    Much earlier the dawn of the first breath…the injustice in how a new born conceives it’s environment even before physical birth. How his world moves him. The arms that receive him. The power of the mind to know love vs hate and anger. The injustice of being conceived not in Love … And what is the essence of becoming just, fair, ect. Our we not a product of our experience s of our creation regardless of how we define it Be it called justice vs injustice or vice versa?

    • author says:

      You write beautifully. But no, I don’t see it that way. I see birth as a beginning and a life full of self-determined choices. One can either motivate off of what has been done to self, or one can decide to rise above “injustice” and motivate himself, and others, toward a higher purpose of creating great things. One can refuse to have his affinity for himself and others lowered by others. We are not the product of our experience as much as we are the product of our own choices. Cause or effect. To be or not to be. The choice is ours to make. We choose where we are the effect of things and we choose what we are cause over.

  3. Deborah Jones says:

    I do my best to instill some sort of Humility in my children and grand children There is no support without prayer and pledge. Where is the follow thru… I tell them if you know it’s wrong … don’t do it… It will come back and bite you in the back. Consequences … Reaping what you sew. We were taught not to throw stones;especially if you live in a glass house. The “me” society seem to thrive on winning at any cost. ? My mine cannot get a clear image “what are they thinking”. My belief is that without Faith in God there is no hope for our future generations regardless HOW or Who is keeping score.

    • author says:

      Yes, I understand what you mean. Faith in God is a very powerful thing. There is also the need to have faith in the goodness of oneself, one’s family and one’s fellow man. Without that forgiveness isn’t possible. If God can forgive, he must also have faith in you.

  4. Deborah Jones says:

    The concept on Higher power and the practice of prayer and pledges are the life blood of Justice and Freedom Without God and country there is no Humility and no true sense of Justice and Freedom. Even the Christian institution of Marriage is redefined in way that it becomes empty and meaningless.

    Today’s generation has been stripped of the necessary foundations and any hope of attaining any true sense of Freedom or Justice. Stripped of Faith, drive or purpose: Stripped on any concept of being responsibility for their own or individual salvation as a part of the whole or society as we knew it. They have been stripped of the concepts that our America was founded on.

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