Jump Ship or Take Control?

The most insidious tool used by the Leftist (the communists & socialists), is infiltration. The Democratic Party was the first of our political parties to fall to this method of subversion. The brightest democrats who disagreed with the leftist agenda fled the party and became republicans. Many became independents.

One particular jump-ship democrat is now hailed as the greatest republican presidents of our time, Ronald Regan.

2 Most important - ReaganIf you go back and listen to Regan speeches, you will find one common message throughout his political reign: communism and socialism were the greatest threat to the United States. It was a very constant and succinct message and the Left considered him one of their most dangerous opponents.

Today the Republican Party faces the same dangerous scenario. How do I know this? Because this is what the relentless, timeless Left does. And when you look at the candidates forwarded by the Republican Establishment, they talk the good talk of conservatism, but they show their influenced hands in such socialist pet projects as common core, immigration and “universal health care”. I am not saying that any of the republican candidates are communist or socialist. They are not. But there are people near some of them who are. Of this, there is no doubt.

The other way I know infiltration has occurred, is that the republican party is more and more split. More and more republicans have move toward that wasteland of political refugees, the independent voter.

Why are they independent? Because they don’t like what they see in their party. And what do they see? They see the destructive effects of the communist/socialist infiltration of their parties resulting in the destructive and degrading effects upon their country.

And the number of Americans that are mad as hell about it is growing.  This is why Donald Trump is getting the attention of the American people. He reflects the anger that Americans are feeling.

This leads to the interesting question; should people who love the concept of a democratic republic as laid down in the Constitution, abandon the republican ship or should they stay and fight to regain control of their party?

It’s an important question. Because I believe the split will spell doom for our republic. And the migration will be that of all decent men to some other place that respects Freedom. But where will that be?

Last Place

With Freedom comes Responsibility. And that means one must have knowledge. Not only must we each have an understanding of the Constitution but also of the enemies of freedom and their covert methods of attack.

Regan understood both. He had the courage to look at and understand how the Left operated. Without this, frankly, he would not have been effective.

If you think the Left plays by your rules of decency, morals and truth, you’re a bloody fool and you will be swept away. So you had better understand they have their own set of rules and you must know them if you want to survive.

1 How Do you tell a communist

By understanding the Left, Reagan was able to slow the degrading influence being forced upon an unwitting populace. His torch wasn’t “conservatism”, it was anti-communism. And by anti-communism I simply mean that he held in check the relentless attack on everything held decent by a free society.

4. American ResistanceDoes your favorite candidate have a clue about the dangers imposed on our country by the far left? Or does he blame the degradation of our country on something else?

Does your favorite candidate understand the responsibility he will have in facing and disarming the Left along with any constructive activity he must take to reimplement basic policies laid down in our Constitution?

So while the communistic mainstream media sensationalizes and foments conflict between our republican candidates, keep your eye out for the candidates that recognize that the real danger for America exists from the attacks on our Constitution and basic rights and has the courage to say it and do something about it.


By David R. Young,

Author of The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement

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