Obama vs. Romney

Are they really the same?

By David R. Young, author of THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement

George Soros, communist adherent,  weighs in saying there is little difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney, in his August 31st interview, but utters he still supports President Obama.

Brent Tweed, chairman of the Republican State Convention of Georgia and Ron Paul supporter stated: “I put Mitt Romney in the same category as Obama.” Obama winning – and I don’t like Obama – is better than Romney winning.”

These two different wings of the political spectrum may agree on this point,  but for entirely different reasons.

The opportunistic Soros, a capitalist, posing as a communist, posturing that wealthy people like himself should pay higher taxes while poised to profit from government takeover of large portions of the public sector, is sore that Obama did not nationalize the banking sector of America. The nationalization of General Motors, apparently wasn’t enough. As he feigns upset with Obama, he purposely adds obfuscation to an already confused political scene by stating Romney and Obama are not much different.

Who is he targeting with that statement? Perhaps he hopes to keep the Ron Paul supporters alienated from the Republican party to give Obama a better chance of winning.

If you are for increased socialism in America, if your for further dismantling of the Constitution as it was intended by the founding fathers, you should vote in any way that strengthens the chances for President Obama to win. He will continue his actions to fundamentally change America from its foundation.

As for Ron Paul supporters, you have a strong message and are making a valiant effort to swing America back toward the fundamentals on which the country was created, less government in all aspects of America.

You could not have two, more different people then Soros and Paul, coming up with the same conclusion, “no difference between Obama and Romney”.

Losing any game, any fight is hard. But perhaps the Paul camp doesn’t realize they are actually making a big difference. Their message is ringing loud and clear in America, even if not enough people hear or understand it yet. Paul’s ideas echoed through the halls of the National Republican Convention. His message echoes in the voice of the tea party. More people have woken up to the fact that America is on the brink of socialism and eventual collapse. More people understand we are facing and losing to (through massive debt), what appears to be the most powerful enemy we have faced since the American Revolution, the Federal Reserve and the International Bankers.

What Paul supporters must understand is you can’t turn a ship the size of America around in one election. It has taken over a hundred years of dedicated and untiring effort by the international bankers to bring this country to the brink of socialism, where we find it today. And even though Ron Paul was not elected, his message has not been lost and more people will join the efforts, because people are waking up to the fact that freedom is being lost.

Mitt Romney is not Ron Paul.  But he also is no Barack Obama. He is a free market capitalist, not a socialist. He is not the International Capitalists who feed off government dept. There is a big difference, fully described in The Political Spectrum, Freedom vs. Enslavement.

Romney will very likely be a more effective President than Reagan.  His biggest obstacles will come from trouble stirred up by the international bankers to create distractions. These are the real enemies of our Country.  If Romney can compartment the international flaps and keep his eye on the goal of fixing the republic, we will be that much closer to the America envisioned by the founding fathers. He will need your help and support.

There is a wide berth in the fundamental beliefs of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Vote your conscience, for sure, but don’t believe there is no difference between these two candidates and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If Obama wins this election, and your vote could have stopped him, you will be doing the greatest damage to your own cause.

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  1. Kitty Young says:

    I want all the ” I’m going to write in Ron Paul” people to read this. I understand their frustration but we must do everything we can to prevent Obama from promoting his socialist agenda and making America a third world country.

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