Obamacare: It’s The Law Of The Land – Or Is It?

Harry Reid giving the fingerDemocratic Politicians – and the Press – seem to think that by repeatedly declaring that the Affordable Health Act is the “Law of the Land”, then it must be accepted and complied with. Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid’s ridiculous accusation that those who oppose Obamacare are political anarchists is an attempt to redefine what being an American is – it also discloses what he himself is doing. His statements might hold true if he were a socialist dictator. He seems to have failed to realize he is an elected politician in the United States Republic. This is not communist Cuba or Venezuela.  

Segregation, Prohibition and Slavery were also once the “law of the land”. And yet these laws were necessarily repealed — even if only objected to by a minority.

Here is a wise analogy of the political spectrum: all political power held by government on the extreme left and at the opposite extreme all political power held by a free people.  In order to have any cooperative civilization there must be some form of law and government to enact it.  An elected government’s power only extends to the basic agreements written and defined in the founding documents of that government. In the case of the United States Republic, government’s purpose was and is to protect the freedoms and inalienable rights of each and every American.  It need go no further than that.

Another way of looking at our Republic is our government is supposed to create and enforce laws which protect not just some majority or minority group, but the individual’s right to responsible self-determinism inherent in a free society. Obamacare attempts to “solve” healthcare costs by taking over control of your healthcare insurance. Real solutions make conditions better. To come up with a real solution requires an understanding of the actual problem. Is iThe Family Doctornsurance the problem or solution to affordable healthcare? One major  reason healthcare costs have skyrocketed is that doctors have adjusted their prices from what an individual could reasonably afford to what a collective of individuals carelessly accept as a fee because individually, they are no longer paying for it. When a person goes to a doctor or hospital and personally pays for his healthcare, the price gets adjusted and comes down to an affordable fee. Based on this observable fact it could be concluded the solution to healthcare costs is the elimination of insurance. After all, the cost of an entire industry would be removed from healthcare. But that’s the opposite extreme of Obamacare, and not necessarily a real solution either. But somewhere between these two extremes is a very reasonable solution that people could live with and be happy with. And it lays within a natural free-market system.

The declaration that “Obamacare is the Law of the Land” does not make it wanted, needed or a valid law. For that matter the law is not even enforceable. Prohibition - the law of the landWill they lock up every young adult who refuses to buy health insurance dictated by government? Will they have the IRS forcibly take your money from your pay? Did government force of prohibition stop alcohol consumption?  No. In fact, it increased markedly and after years of failure and many deaths, it was repealed.

The success of the Progressive Democrats –and their obedient Press — to sell Obamacare to trusting Americans who believed their promises and despite the fact that many Americans repeatedly stated it was not wanted and yet was and is being force upon us, should give pause to every American, both democrat and republican. Do you really want a government, weather Democrat or Republican to dictate laws that clearly half or more of the nation objects too? When one person’s solution is another man’s problem it creates more and bigger problems — and conflict. Obamacare creates a bigger problem than it say it is attempting to solve.

This same Progressive leadership — along with its compliant Press — also claim that no one has a better solution. If they really believe this is true, these people should not be allowed in any position of political power. They either have no ability to recognize the source of a problem and so propose real solutions, or their real intentions are not what they say. These are not reasonable declarations. These are not intelligent conclusions. The question must be asked, what objectives are they really attempting to achieve? Because it is very clear that Obamacare is not taking America toward its stated promises but is making healthcare less affordable, less accessible and certainly less in the control of the individual and more in control of government. And no, we don’t have to “wait and see” to know if it will work. Commons sense says it will not.

So, Obamacare is the Law of the Land? So were these other bad laws. Repeal it. Let your congressmen know you don’t want it. If they don’t listen, get them out of office and elect a person who will listen to you. That’s the form and design of the American Republic. That’s freedom of personal responsibility. That’s the American way.

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