Organizing: Vital for Defending Our Constitution

The Left has one HUGE advantage over the Right: Organizing. This is a Fundamental action of the Left.

However, to a freedom-loving person, “organizing” may have an unfavorable connotation. Without understanding organization and actually doing it, we will lose. And I mean that in every definition of the word. We will lose our freedoms, our fortunes and perhaps our lives. 

Organizing “dependent-minded” people is easy. That’s why they have earned the derogatory but apt title of Sheeple. Threaten to take away their sustenance and you can start a stampede to the ballot box to support taking more of your hard earned income!

You have probably heard this analogy before, but it’s very apt here: Trying to organize freedom-minded people is like trying to herd cats. Frankly, it’s not hard to understand why. We are generally strong, self-reliant individuals with high intelligence and ability. These traits make us successful in life. We usually have far more LIFE in us. We in fact love life (which cannot be said of those on the Far Left.) We are creative and productive. Most importantly to this assertion, we are quite diverse.

Freedom-loving people are found in every race, religion, creed, and cultural background you can imagine. Diversity is an important point, because it is our biggest single liability in organizing. Why?  Because diversity may open the door to areas of disagreement between us. Our differences can be, will be and are being used by the Left to stoke the flames of distrust and disagreement to keep us from communicating, organizing and acting as a group (divide and conquer). They would have NO chance if we were a united force for the Constitution. 

The Far Left thrives on SAMENESS. To understand this, look at these simplified comparisons: 

  1. The Far Left consists of Communists and Socialists (which are virtually the same thing).
  2. The Right consists of Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Libertarians, Constitutionalists,  Tea Party, etc. etc. (And no, I didn’t make a mistake by including Democrats on the Right. Democracy is far to the right of communism, though it eventually does decay into Socialism, as pointed out by Marx.)


  1.  The Left are Atheists
  2. The Right are Catholics, Methodists, Mormons, Baptists, Scientologists, Hindus, Muslim, Buddhists, etc. etc. 


  1. The Left’s morals are based on: “The ends justify the means”. Dishonesty, betrayal and lies are necessary tools and a vital part of achieving their objectives against a much larger much more powerful group.
  2. Our morals are diverse, but we generally agree upon such qualities as honesty, trustworthiness, truthfulness faithfulness, respect for others, etc. etc.


As an aside but relevant, I saw a blog yesterday about “Tolerance”. And where I agree we should not be “tolerant” of people who are overtly or covertly attacking our Constitution and freedoms, Tolerance is necessarily vital when it comes to our diverse cultural and religious differences. Our Constitution and Human Rights require religious tolerance as a basic aspect of our ability to have freedom for all. As a necessary example; you may have been told and perhaps believe your religion is the only true path to God. That may be true. And I would die to defend your right to that belief.  But when you look at the diversity of life and mankind on this planet (even just within our country) and if you believe that mankind was created by God, it might be prudent to be as tolerant of another man’s belief and method of worship as you would want him to be tolerant of yours. Only depraved people, like the Leftist Atheists and yes, the religious bigot, think that we would all be better off if we Sheeple.


The first thing you should understand about organizing is it’s not just getting people together and talking.  Organizing is not even the first step of getting something done. The first step is a decision made by a single person. What are you going to do or create? What effect do you want to cause? When it comes to politics (which is the field we are dealing with) it might be necessary, before making a decision, to become better informed on the subject. (But even that should not be used as an excuse not to act.) You still have to decide what you want to achieve so you can align your study. (And if you realize you made a wrong decision, change your mind. Make another one!)  

What’s your passion? What upsets you the most about what is going on around us? What can you personally do about it? How are the Leftist tactics actually affecting your life, your community? If you don’t know, read your community papers, start attending local council meetings and find out. It has to start with you on a local basis unless you already have a State or National voice.

Now, let’s assume you’ve decided on what you want to get done. You’ve decided for instance that you’re going to take a stand against a local Bill being proposed, which you read about in your local paper. Now you will need a simple organizational method to do something about it. (Organization is simply the arrangement of actions in a proper sequence in order to effectively produce a known and intended product or result.)

You could plug pretty much any objective into this:

First Action: Look and Communicate. Communicate to find out what is going on and to collect information. This step increases your understanding and is vital. Communicate to: 

  1. Discover what “problem” is attempting to be “solved”. You’ll need to determine if it’s really a problem or just an excuse to impinge on someone’s rights, or a means for someone to gain control or power over some public area or private concern.
  2. Discover who the “players” are and find out as much as you can about all involved. 
  3. Discover what “problems” and “solutions” are being proposed.
  4. Discover firsthand what people involved actually know or think about this “problem”. Go talk to them. Find out what they see as the problem. Discover what they see as a solution. Find out what they think they need or want to resolve the problem. (You will likely be amazed at what you discover during this step. It will likely have little or nothing to do with what is being proposed by local officials.)  Keep a written record of what you find, who you talked to, how they responded and what they said.


From the above actions you will likely uncover data no one else has. You may also start to see a real solution forming. Keep at “4” above until you not only understand the problem but who is actually responsible and perhaps who might be using the problem for their own benefit. Keep at it until you really understand what must be done to resolve it.


When you can: 1. name the actual problem; 2. write out all of the data related to the problem so another person can understand what is going on; and 3. can propose a solution which takes all factors into account; you have suddenly become the “expert” and will be able to influence the outcome. If you can’t do these three steps, then you need more data. No problem is unsolvable. It just requires more communication to get more data. Eventually the solution evolves.


  1. Write up your proposal in exactly this format:   The Problem – The Information – The Solutions
  2. Now simplify your proposal so an idiot will be able to understand it. (Don’t neglect this step.)


 Second Action: Create agreement.


  1. Take you proposal back to the people who are involved in the problem. Have them read and discuss it. Ensure they understand it and see if they agree with it. (If they don’t agree, Listen to their arguments. They may have a valid point or they may just be a “trouble maker”.) Based on each interview note what you should add or correct in your proposal. 
  2. Come to an agreement where possible with each person who is directly affected by the problem and if possible have them sign your proposal, showing their agreement. 
  3. Take your final proposal and any supporting documents to a local government rep who is involved with the situation. This should NOT necessarily be the person who originally proposed the Bill (especially if you suspect or have evidence of a vested interest in the wrong solution being implemented). However, if you feel the originator of the Bill was truly concerned with resolving a problem, you would approach that person and discuss your proposal. Get agreement for your proposal and share it with other council members as necessary.
  4. Send a copy of your solution to the community News Paper that may have covered the situation in the first place. If it gets published, it will show the community that real solutions can be found. People may become interested in what you are doing and want to help.


Third Action:  Make a record of “allies” and “enemies” you may have made during this project. This is very important. You should know those you can trust or should not trust in the future.

1. Make a list of people who were truly cooperative and grateful for your actions.

      a. Categorize these people as allies or friends as warranted.

      b. Make a note next to each so you can easily remember who they were and what they said or did.

2. Make a list of any person who generally gave you a hard time. These would fall under two very distinct categories:

      a. Overtly opposed you’re actions: This would include rudeness, antagonism or anger toward your attempt to take responsibility for the situation (even if they changed their tune later and become friendly, put them in this category for this project. You might place them in more than one category, but keep an accurate record of their reactions.)

      b. Covertly opposed to your actions: Such as being condescending, “cheerfully uncooperative”, back stabbing or anyone who lied or knowingly presented false information about the situation.  (These are operating traits of the Left and even if you can find no connection, they still shouldn’t be trusted in the future.) 

      Again, make comments about your experience  next to their names so you can easily recall their reactions or comments to your activities. (No matter how friendly these people become later, NEVER list them in the friend or ally column. You can be friendly with them, but never take what they say at face value. Always verify their data. Never consider them a reliable friend or bring them into your group or confidence. A coward can never be trusted. They will be the first to betray your trust.)

 These are the basic organizational steps to handling a situation in your community.


At this point you may say, hey, that was just me. What about a team of people? How do I organize a team of people in my area?  Ah, I’m glad you asked.

Well, take a good look at the above steps again. If you have a close friend, who is pretty sharp and usually aware of things going on, perhaps that person eventually could takes over the First Action, and becomes the “Investigator” or “Data Collector” for your team. Perhaps another person is good at evaluating information and forming conclusions. Another may write well and could formulate your Proposals. You get the point: You select and organize your team around the actions you need done. 

 Within a team, each person becomes an expert at his part and become more effective and the group becomes more productive.

 Hey, what about pay? How will I survive if I’m doing all this work?  That’s a tough one because we won’t survive if we don’t do it. Perhaps you will do so well that you become very well known and you’re team gets hired as a reporting team for a local news paper. Who knows? 

But consider this: The founding fathers mutually pledged to each other “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” Keep your day job. Its more than our founding fathers did. But also do this activity.

It truthfully comes down to this, WHAT IS THE PRICE OF FREEDOM? To borrow a friend’s words it’s: “Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.”

Welcome to the fight for Freedom and our Constitution’s survival.

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