The Political Left & Right: Surviving The Political Confusion

The terms conservatism and liberalism are thrown around by the media as insults while political pundits use them to differentiate the political Left from the Right. But do these terms actually have anything to do with the Political Left and Right which makes up the Political Spectrum?

The truth is, no matter what political system is in use, be it Democracy or Communism, conservative and liberal members exist, at odds with each other.  These terms simply designate the attitudes toward issues of the day within the existing political structure. Incorrect use of these terms is an example of how confused the subject of politics has become.

So what really are the Political Left and Right? What definition would simplify the entire field of politics and bring understanding where only confusion seems to exist?  The Political Spectrum can only really be defined as a comparison of all political philosophies against a specific unchanging point of reference. This point of reference is a very precise and definable concept and though visible for all to see, it seems to have been simply ignored by scholars.

You’ll recognize it immediately when you see it, but it has been obscured, hidden and lied about. It has been feared, defended, openly attacked and secretly plotted against. People have given their lives so that others could experience it.  The Fascist hates it and the Communist despises it. It is Freedom.

The concept of Freedom is represented by words like Liberty, Independence and Personal or Individual Rights. It is a concept that burns in the souls of men and eats at the minds of those who despise and plot against it.

The true political Far Right is a government of, for and by the people. A government made up of the very people it governs.  It is a government with the role of protecting the rights and freedoms of each person and upholding equality under the law. It’s an ideal, apparently, worth striving and dying for.

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In contrast to Freedom, the political Far Left is government made of, by and for a very small minority which enslaves, impoverishes and suppresses the majority of its people. It guards its borders not only to keep people out, but also to keep its own people from escaping. It allows no ownership, little if any freedom of choice, no individuality, but must, by definition, hold every person down to the lowest level of ability and achievement to obtain its false claim and idea of “equality”.

These two concepts and their use provide the extremes of the political Left and Right.

The Political Spectrum then is a scale on which all government systems can be positioned between these two extremes. No government can provide complete freedom, nor can any government completely enslave its citizens. But to what degree they do so, in either case, is the specific indicator of their position on the political spectrum.  Even if a benevolent monarch (king) allows great freedom to his subjects, he or his predecessor still have the power to take those same freedoms away with a stroke of the pen or the swing of a sword.

It can be seen that newer civilizations tend to create governments which fall on the Right of the spectrum and older civilizations tend to drift toward the left. Whether this drift occurs because of power hungry leaders or decay in responsibility of its citizens, the fact that counties drift more and more toward dependence on government is easily demonstrated on this political spectrum based on freedom and enslavement.

Perhaps an understanding of this scale is the first step in recognizing that citizens can not neglect or ignore their government without paying the consequence of losing their freedoms.

Understand the Political Spectrum and you’ll begin to understand how to maintain your freedoms.

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