QE3 (Quantitative Easing, Round Three)

A “Fix” Not a Solution

By David R. Young, author of THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement

Like a pimp dispensing drugs to his strung-out prostitute-slaves, the central bank of America, AKA the Federal Reserve, is main-lining the drug of choice to our capitalist system through QE3.

Like the addicted whore who sells herself on the street for a fix, our government takes no action to object, but looks with haunted eyes and expectation as the printing presses roll and the valueless Federal Reserve Note pumps into the veins of our economy. Ahhh. The easing of pain and worry begins to enter through the mainstream media; a feeling of relief and peace of mind begins to settle on the populace; a state of ecstasy begins for some as “money” begins to fill their bank accounts. Give us more… give us more….

The pimp sits back with a sympathetic look, says he understands because he’s the expert, he’ll take care of everything; he’ll keep the presses rolling forever… if the politicians will just do “their jobs”. Tell the American people they need us, they want us, they can’t live without us. We are their supplier, their source of all that is good; tell them to give up their silly notions of Freedom, Liberty and their Pursuits of Happiness. We are the source of happiness, we are the keepers of the printing press and they should follow us.

2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the Pimp of the United States of America, the Federal Reserve. We have a choice: celebrate its existence and embrace the lies it has stood for since its fallacious enactment in 1913, or rid ourselves of a false-servant to We-the-People and take back the responsibility of creating an economy based on production, products and the free market, not debt, credit and enslavement to the debtor.

QE3 is a “fix” to our economy not a solution. Here is a very rich and powerful person (our government) who has gotten himself way over his head in debt; who refuses to cut back his wasteful and lavish spending because he still has vast untapped resources and assets. Meanwhile he is pampered and lied to by his lenders; “keep borrowing money as the solution to your problems”. The end result cannot be anything but the downfall and destruction of the borrower and the loss of all resources and assets to the lender.

QE3 could be considered an act of war against our economy and the security of our country. It is not responsible rebuilding of the economy. It is not just an act of stupidity and ignorance. QE3 is an act calculated to collapse the American “economy” under the next administration, which will surely be a Republican administration. It is an act which intends to “prove” any efforts to return America to its constitutional foundation will result in cataclysmic collapse of our economy. It is an act to prove, once and for all, that the International Banker is the only solution to earths problems and the unity of all people. (Forget that they were the ones who created the problems so they could become the saviors of us all.)

We have some hard times to face. And face them we must, one way or the other. But until the pimp of our economy is eliminated, we have no chance of any recovery. Audit the Fed. Disclose their crimes. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

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