Everybody Knows, Right? The Political Spectrum

By David R. Young

We’ve all heard of the “political spectrum”.  But, what really is a spectrum and how should this concept be applied to Politics?


The Light Spectrum in the form of a rainbow

The rainbow is easily the most popular and recognized spectrum. Unless you are colorblind it is impossible to miss the continuous blend of color, one to the next. Natural law dictates the color pattern which is always in the same order.

The gray scale is likely the simplest example of a spectrum. Between the extremes of black and white, the gray spectrum slowly fades from a glaring white to the deepest black.

Spectrum Gray Scale

The Gray Spectrum

Many known spectrums are invisible to the eye or senses. They can remain partially or completely unknown until discovered through accident or scientific study.

Radio WavesThe full spectrum of radio waves was, at one time, completely unknown. But once discovered, a whole host of  technical advances were made possible. Radios, cell phones and satellite communications are a few examples. Communication networks no longer had to be connected by miles of copper wire. The air became the “wires”.

Temp SpectrumOften, only a small portion of a spectrum is useful in day to day activities. For example a thermometer, used for taking body temperature, only measures a small portion of the broader heat – cold spectrum. But to measure the temperature of molten steel requires an entirely different measuring scale.

You may be wondering what this has to do with the Political Spectrum. Or better yet, I hope you are saying, “hmm, this is getting interesting”.

During the research that resulted in The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement, it was discovered that the political spectrum used today represented only a small portion of a much wider spectrum. The extreme ends of the current spectrum are Communism on the left and Fascism on the right. You’ve probably heard this many times and you may have accepted it, rejected it or you just didn’t care.

To put this into perspective, these two political systems were intensely opposed to each other in the early 20th century. Fascism and Communism were at war, overtly and covertly.

There were no doubts that these two philosophies were political dichotomies (opposites). The world saw them in action as war broke out across the European continent and millions of people were killed. Their oppressive philosophies and destructive opposition ignited World War II.

Perhaps because of the insanity and destructiveness of this period and because no one wanted to see a repeat of that era, these two political systems became the anchors on the extreme political left and right, acting as “warning bells”. Both extremes are fearfully rejected and avoided. Most people do not want to be called a communist or a fascist, even if they adhere to the philosophy of one or the other.

But just as a body thermometer measures only a small scale of the cold-heat spectrum, the current political “thermometer” was found to include only a small portion of political philosophy and systems. It’s not that this wider spectrum was impossible to see; But it was hidden from view, simply because “everybody already knew” what the spectrum was. So no one bothered to look any further.

I did not “create” this “new” political spectrum. Just like a rainbow, it only became completely visible under exact conditions. But once it became visible, it was something to behold. Just like when a child sees the rainbow for the first time, it was exciting and inspiring.

However, I soon realized I was standing alone looking at it. And this data would be of no use to anyone if it were not presented for others to view. I also wondered if anyone else would want to see it; it would change the way people viewed politics.  In an earlier time, no one wanted to know that the world was round, the earth revolved around the sun or that germs were a source of illness. The realignment of data in the minds of men can sometimes be very difficult.

So I started out on a second adventure — to write a book covering these researched findings. This was even more of a challenge. I did not consider myself a writer. I had left college because of my “inability” to write. Not only did I have a new discovery to communicate, but I had to write it. However, I had learned much since leaving college and I had some degree of confidence in my ability to achieve what I set out to accomplish. And so, the book was written and published.

When reader reviews started rolling into Amazon, I was delighted.  Readers not only understood it, but they were excited about having the chance to see this spectrum in its full splendor and to gain an understanding they had never had about politics.

The Political Spectrum - Gold AwardA crowning validation came one day from a phone call informing me that the book had won the First Place Gold Award from a publishing company’s writers contest. The judges had this to say:

“Before you step into any conversation about politics on a national or global level, you must first know the facts.  David R. Young’s The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement is a unique book that delivers the information one needs to understand the left, the right and every party in between.”

~eLit Electronic Book Awards

The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement will take you on a journey of discovery, step by step. You’ll recognize many things along the way and when you reach the final destination, you may find that a whole new journey has begun for you.

After reading the book, viewing the political landscape of our country may appear very different — much clearer. You cannot watch a 3D movie without special glasses to bring it all into focus. Likewise, politics cannot be clearly viewed without a full understanding of the Political Spectrum.

It will take you far less time to read the book than it took to research, discover and formulate the data. But as your guide, I invite you along and hope you enjoy the adventure.

I would hope with this knowledge, Americans, as well as people from around the world, will be able to bring a higher level of sanity to the world of politics.

David R. Young

Award Winning Author of The Political Spectrum: Freedom vs. Enslavement

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