The Role of the Press in a Free Society

Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press….

In a free society the press, you, have a unique and specific role in maintaining freedom. No matter what the generals say, in the long-term, the pen is mightier than the sword. Force may be needed to bring order to a society, but the free-flow of ideas is the hope and salvation of man’s soul.

All forms of communication carry a message. When governments become oppressive, the message of freedom becomes the most cherished and valued.

Within a free society the press is as varied as the interests of its audience. To support and spread the message of freedom, the press must remain independent.

Reporting the activities of political leaders not only helps shape public opinion, but holds in check those who become too enthusiastic with their power. Election results are a reflection of public opinion toward current or would-be political leaders, so your writings have a vital importance, and from the perspective of freedom you must demand integrity and truth amongst your profession.

Even good leaders can find it difficult to stand up to forces encountered in the political arena. Thus, it is your challenge and duty to ensure those who hold enough power to shape our culture, either by force-of-law or by ideas, are themselves held up to public scrutiny under the glaring light of a curious press.

The free press is a watchdog for activities which threaten freedom. However, its first priority should always be to ensure the integrity of its own. To be a real force for freedom, vested interests and corruption must not gain a foothold and be allowed to alloy the truth. Any news outlet which consistently presents biased or deceptive news is a liability, not just to its audience, but to the entire field of the press. Dishonest or agenda-driven “news” works directly against your purpose and value to society.

The U.S. Constitution restricts government interference with the press. However, the press is still open to corrupting influence by political parties. It is a well-known and documented fact that oppressive political movements, such as communism, monopolize and use the press to spread its propaganda. But what does that mean?

Propaganda is a method of spreading false and misleading facts to deceive a group or populace. Disseminating propaganda through a free press is nearly impossible. It is met with opposing ideas and truthful reporting with facts and statistics. This makes propaganda ineffective and quickly discredits the article and the media outlet’s integrity. That is why enemies of freedom must gain control of the press.

To spread effective propaganda within a free society, it is necessary to create the illusion that many more voices support it than those opposing it. The propaganda must be done gradually, over a long enough period of time to obscure the truth. Today‘s mainstream media has fallen under the coordinated control of progressive institutions – by “progressive” I refer to its actual meaning – the small step by step, gradual implementation of an objective, as opposed to a sudden change brought about by force. Through coordinated “talking points,” the mainstream media spreads emotional progressive propaganda while criticizing and maligning the free press. Such terms as “rightwing extremists” and “racist bigots” are calculated to shift perception and disparage and discredit the free press.

The rising tide of new reporting outlets, steeped in the tradition of the free press, is a real threat to the progressive media. Your propaganda crumbles under the onslaught of growing scrutiny and they look foolish in their attempt to justify their biased and distorted reporting. You do not need to be careful or be progressive because the truth, when well presented, cannot be refuted.

As your ridiculous lies and deceit are brought to light by this growing and enthusiastic new breed of news outlets, the progressives snap and snarl to protect their foothold on the American mind. Like the TV series villain who never wins, progressives will continue their plotting and planning to find a better, more persuasive lie or derogatory comment that will turn the public to your side.

This is a war. Not with swords or guns, but with the pen and tongue. The targets of this war are the minds of every American. On one side is freedom – equality under the law and the unlimited opportunity of the free market. On the other side is an overwhelming and intrusive government, void of the restrictions placed upon it by our Constitution.

Your first, vital mission is to recover the integrity of the press. This is done by investigating the investigators, reporting on the reporters and uncovering the connections of the vested interests controlling the mainstream media and exposing the lies. When did it happen? What was the transgression? Where did it occur? What is the story? These are the ingredients to truth.

According to the teachings of Karl Marx, communists and socialists hold no moral restrictions. Deceit, lies and betrayal are a few of the tools used to forward their agenda. But, you can prove a lie to be false. One or more of the ingredients above are always missing. You cannot prove a lie to be true. Work with the truth as honestly as you see it. The day you are prohibited from writing the truth, is the day you have become a slave to the enemies of freedom. Refuse to be a slave.

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