The Wall Between Freedom & Tyranny: The Survival of a Free Society

 Our forefathers knew, firsthand, the oppressiveness of tyranny. They faced it head on and because enough colonists had the courage to rise up and persist long enough they defeated tyranny and won their Freedom.

 The founding fathers followed their victory with something unusual in history. Instead of assuming power over the new world, they gave the power to the people. Then they did something else unusual.

 They created a Constitutional Republic which would operate of, by and for the people. The powers of this government were divided so as to prevent any one branch from abusing its power over the people

 But the founding fathers were NOT finished. Their final act was, in fact, the most ingenious, important and compassionate of all. They built a WALL, a virtual barricade, to stand between freedom and tyranny.

On one side of this WALL was and is the potential of a free and prosperous society, unrestrained by arbitrary government, where each person would have the Right and Opportunity to rise to their highest potential and have Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

 On the other side of this WALL were and are those who crave power and dominance over society. Such men have always existed and are far more common.

So the Founding Fathers constructed a barrier to stop those who viewed society as “the masses” who must be kept under firm control and herded like sheep. Such men or groups of men were and are the enemies of freedom, and they were the reason for the creation of this WALL.  

The Wall - TBB 2

No Tyranny Shall Enter Here

 The first pillar of this wall is the first amendment. It protects the realm of faith, the interchange of ideas between people and the freedom to report on the actions of one’s government and society. It protects your right to gather with others as a group, of any size, to discuss any subject or ideas of interest or importance to you. It also protects your right to petition government for any wrongs brought on by the government. In short, your right to COMMUNICATE cannot be infringed upon by government, a group or another individual.

 If you were an enemy of freedom, how would you attack this pillar? Think about that. 

 The second pillar is the most daunting to would-be tyrants. Recognizing that a military force of civilians was necessary to the security of a Free State, the Second Amendment was created to prevent the government from infringing on your right to bear Arms. This pillar is the FORCE behind the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment represents the soldiers on the wall of constitutional Freedom and any attempt to weaken or chip away this pillar, overtly or covertly, should be considered an attack on the Constitution and on the rights of the people. In fact, it should be considered a political crime. 

 If you had tyranny in mind, how would you attack this pillar? There many who have and are contemplating this objective.

 Each of the remaining eight amendments constructed a barrier to protect your right to freedom. So far, this WALL has held up against the forces of tyranny but it has gotten weaker over time. There are battle holes in the WALL. 

 What seems to be missing is a team to repair and patch the wall.  And in hindsight, there is perhaps one more amendment which the founding fathers might have created which could have been the capstone for this great wall.

 These Ten Amendments are an idea of freedom vs. enslavement. Ideas must be passed on from generation to generation for them to continue to exist.

Those who would bring tyranny to our country found a weakness, not in our wall, but in the people. They have been actively chipping at the populace, degrading and perverting it idea.  The wall is too strong, to well built, to attack directly – it has held for almost 250 years despite their best efforts. But weakness in the human mind has been exploited. The idea is fading from the minds of our society.  

 The weakest stone in the WALL turns out to be ignorance in the people it protects; ignorance of the WALL’s history, its meaning and its intent.

 Through intentional infiltration of our education and mass media, enemies of freedom have progressively replaced the ideas of freedom with dependency. They preach about how the Constitution is outdated and no longer relevant. Our higher levels of education and mass media tells us we are a Democracy (which we most certainly are not).  We hear – we believe the new ideas.

 The ideas laid down as the foundation of our Republic slowly crumble until no one remembers what they were.

 A simple Amendment stating “The only guarantee of continued freedom is the education of the future generations regarding The Constitution, The Bill of Rights plus an understanding of the full political spectrum as relates to freedom and enslavement; and such education shall not be infringed.” would go far in reinforcing this WALL.

 How would you attack the constitution? Or perhaps now, maybe I can ask:  How would you defend it?


 By David R. Young

Author of THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement

By David R. Young

Author of THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement

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  1. Nancy Stevens says:


    I ran across your essay today, and I am so impressed. It is really amazing, and thought-provoking. Could you tell me when it was published? I would like to send it out to my friends (and read your book, The Political Spectrum).

    Thank you,

    Nancy Stevens

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