Where is Senseless Violence Taking Us

The Systematic Loss of Freedom in America

By David R. Young   Author of THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM: Freedom vs. Enslavement

Brandon Raub, former Marine, seems an unusual victim of authoritative abuse. Taken by force from his home, no warrant, no charges, simply based on “complaints” over  facebook postings, Raub was detained in a psychiatric facility. However, this “over reaction” by government can be expected to increase if the root of senseless violence is not uncovered.

With every shooting, from Columbine to Aurora, demand on government to crackdown on possible suspects increases. Government officials justify preemptive actions, such as seen against Raub, violating constitutional rights in an attempt to prevent additional shootings. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. However until the root of the problem behind such shootings is confronted and handled, The valid concerns of government and citizen are leading us toward a tightening downward spiral of aggressive injustices. Many States now have laws that allow law enforcement, without warrants or criminal charges, to detain and institutionalize citizens up to a month based on complaints and a 15 minute evaluation of a psychiatrist.

The recipe for this spiraling problem is – Unpredicted disaster, tightened security – unpredicted disaster – more tightened security, etc. until what?  This cycle is giving  government officials justification to preemptively strip any individual American of his or her constitutional rights without due process or just cause.

The fear and outrage generated by mass killings, not only allows but demands those in charge of public safety to act to prevent such incidents. How can they possibly do that without infringing on a person’s rights? They are being asked to predict and prevent crime before it occurs. Free speech comes under attack; criticism of government becomes justified offenses resulting in apprehension and confinement.

But what is the root of this problem? What is the common denominator of each and every one of these senseless mass killings? Some say it’s guns. Since guns do not think and have no motives, we can reject this. Some like to blame it on “political hate speech.” Yet the most visible hate can be seen in those accusing others of hate speech. Regardless, political disagreement has been around as long as there have been societies and senseless mass shootings are a relatively new problem.

The most obvious common point of mass shootings is they are “senseless”. There are no “big motives”, political or otherwise, behind such shootings. The next common denominator of mass shootings is modern day psychiatric treatment of these people; before they became mass murderers. Every shooter was on psychiatric drugs.

The usual response to this has been “of course, they were crazy, the shootings prove it.” Perhaps these people were unstable, but none of them became senseless killers until after they were “treated” with psychiatric drugs; none.

How is it that the professionals responsible for caring and improving mental health are turning out some of the most mentally deranged individuals seen in the past hundred years? How is it that “experts” prescribe mind altering drugs and then just let a person, under their responsibility, go out and kill innocent people? And isn’t it ironic that Brandon Raub, when forcibly seized from his home for being potentially “mentally dangerous”, was  turned over to the very people who seem to be causing the problem?

These are not small questions and no small matter. Your personal freedom depends on this problem being solved at its root. Otherwise, you or anyone you know, who holds views against growing government infringement on rights and freedoms, can by law in many states, be apprehended without charge or actual crime and put into the hands of the same people who not only did nothing to prevent the deaths of many innocent people, but may have actually caused the change in mental stability resulting in those deaths.

Communist countries were notoriously known for their use of “mental health” to silence dissidence. These recent actions foreshadow a grim future for America if this trend continues.

The question to ask is; what are the motives of those behind the senseless killers? How is it that we have allowed millions of our children to be drugged by “experts” who cannot even see that a person, under their direct care, has become dangerous to others? Do they deserve our trust?

Perhaps these “experts” should be part of any investigation and where found negligent, charged as accomplices in these senseless crimes. Then perhaps our freedoms can be preserved.

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